At Ogden Power we go to great lengths to select materials that offer real value for money over the life of your system.

There are inherent dangers with selecting substandard materials, sometimes with disastrous outcomes.

In our experience you cannot beat high quality well made, well known brand name products with a reputation for excellence and longevity and terrific after sales service. We have listed some of our major products below.

Since we began our solar journey in 2006, we have installed  an impressive array of components from BP Panels, Kyocera, QCells, SunPower to  WINAICO; SMA, Selctronic inverters; Arrid and Clenergy railing The Clean Energy Regulator is constantly looking at which panels meet the Australian Standards and that all the main components of the solar systems undergo separate testing in laboratory conditions.

Sometimes it is far easier to opt for a less expensive product but when it comes to ensuring that each of our installs is a safe power station, we choose known brands such as Schneider, Clipsal, K&N swtichgear.